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Ayer District Court 1/04/17

Ashby police are dispatched to motor vehicle accident at 12:50 am. On arrival police observe two occupants in a car crashed into a tree stump. Client is still in the driver seat and his girlfriend is in the front passenger seat. The girlfriend has blood on her arm and mouth and a broken arm. Client has blood on his arm and a lump on his forehead. Both airbags deployed and the steering wheel is bent forward. The car is deemed totaled by the police at the accident scene. Police smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from client’s breath. His words are mumbled and eyes red and glossy. Client tells police the crash was due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and admits he was coming from a bar in Fitchburg. Police use the jaws-of-life to extricate the girlfriend from the car. Client exits the car and is unsteady on his feet and uses the car to balance himself. Client is unable to touch the tip of a pen with his index finger and fails the HGN test. Client fails the one-leg stand test on three different attempts and is only able to hold his leg up for one second before putting it down on each try. Client fails the walk and turn test, raising his arms for balance, not touching heel to toe and taking the wrong number of steps as well as not turning properly. Police follow up with client at the hospital where he is taken for treatment. Client consents to a blood test hours after the accident which results in a reading of .155 and .157. After being released from the hospital, the police place client under arrest and transport for booking where he registers a .11 breathalyzer reading several hours after the accident.

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