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Kris was great to work with. He takes his time to explain each step of the process and what you can expect. From the moment I spoke to him on the phone I felt like he was knowledgeable and trustworthy, which were the two main reasons I proceeded with Kris as my defense attorney. I would definitely recommend working with him. – Dharmik

All I want to say is Kris Patria did a hell of a job for me. He is phenomenal. He was on point, and knowledgeable. He is unique. He is simply the Best. – Max

I truly believe I found you for a reason. You saved me. – Tracey

I was referred to Kris by a friend of mine and I was not disappointed!! He was always attentive to my needs and quick to respond with any questions I had. He made me feel at ease during a super stressful time and he won my case!! I hands down recommend him! – Kimberly

Working with Kris was an absolute pleasure. He is very knowledgeable and responsive. He also provides a level of compassion that goes above and beyond. He said to me “Be concerned but don’t worry because it may all be for nothing”. That statement kept me sane throughout my legal issue.– Anonymous

I hired Kris for a case that I needed help with. The way that he opened, cross examined 3 witnesses, and closed the case to the jury was unmatched! I was very pleased with the outcome of my case which was the right one NOT GUILTY! Kris made the DA in the room look like he still needed training wheels. If you are going through something you need legal help and representation for I HIGHLY RECOMMEND hiring Kris Patria!– Mike

“Thank you so much for your work on the hearing. You were amazing throughout the entire process!” – Nancy and Dave

“I want to thank you for everything you have done. I have taken this last month and made great strides towards my future without the bearing weights of those allegations and continuing that process. That I don’t know would have been possible without your help. Every time we spoke; every time I saw you; whenever it be in the court room or at your office you had the utmost professionalism, drive and most importantly ability to communicate and be on the same page as me. You were by far the most prepared person every time in the court room. You were great to work with and I personally don’t know how to thank you enough.”– Scott

“Thank you so much Kris. From the bottom of my heart and from my family I can’t thank you enough”– Casey

“When I was charged with 3 misdemeanors and one felony that carried an 18 month minimum mandatory sentence I felt like my world was flipped upside down. For days, even weeks, the seriousness and stress just consumed me. When I reached out to Kris, the most important thing he said to me in our first conversation was there’s a difference between being worried and being concerned. Of course he didn’t ignore the seriousness of my charges being a NH resident or sugarcoat anything. He was upfront and honest with me about where this could go. Although my charges felt like they were hindering my day to day being, knowing I had Kris to help me get through this, put me more at ease. Kris is assertive, collected, confident and most importantly black and white, there is no gray area with him. His professionalism and presence in the courtroom gave me a sense of comfort and reminded me that he has it under control. After a year of many court appearances, Kris was able to pull what felt like the impossible, all 4 of my charges were put on a continuance without a finding for 11 months. Without a doubt his representation was most impressive. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision for hiring Kris and truly cannot thank him enough for how much he did help me.”-Lauren

“Your professionalism made a big difference today.  I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for your effort and help. Thank you for being great at your job.”– Stephen

“Kris is the prime reason I was able to successfully win my case. He was thoroughly prepared both in our consults and on the day of the trial. His knowledge of the subject area of my trial was absolutely phenomenal. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him! Would absolutely hire again in a heartbeat.” – Sam

“Without a doubt, I would not have made it through this without your support and guidance.  This, had I lost, would have been a life altering event.  I would have lost everything I worked so hard for.  House, car, job . . . I can only imagine where that could have all left me, had the outcome been different!”–  Rhonda

“Kris Patria was very informative and to the point. My case took about a year and I was found not guilty. I didn’t lose my license which was huge for me. I would recommend him.”– Anonymous

“Kristen Patria did a wonderful job handling my case. He was both professional and extremely knowledgeable. Although my case took almost a year to be completed, it was through no fault of Mr. Patria. I would sincerely recommend Mr. Patria to everyone.” – Anonymous

Fantastic lawyer! I hired Kris Patria as my lawyer in an OUI (operating under the influence) case, where I was being charged for oui by the state. I spoke with him over the phone for over an hour, and met him in person twice before I hired him. He took his time to help me weigh out options and offer insight and suggestions from the beginning, before I even hired him. He made me feel confident that he was the man for the job, and he delivered. For a lot of people such as myself, who have not had much personal experience with the court system, you should know that Mr. Patria was very helpful in easing the process, and helping me to understand, as well as keeping me up to date with details throughout the entire procedure. And when it came time for trial, he was incredible. Mr. Patria is highly knowledgeable, and astoundingly good at his job. He can be cutthroat and vicious when necessary, but always very polite and respectful. He fought for me all the way until the end, and we walked away with a victory! I was acquitted of all charges, and the case was dismissed! I would absolutely, highly recommend Kris Patria as a defense attorney for anybody who needs a good lawyer that will fight for them. Hiring this man is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made!” – Jason

Kris did a great job with my case and I felt very confident going into trial with him to represent me. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.” – Lyndsay

Trial case. Kris did an excellent job on my trial case. He was thorough and professional all through the process. I highly recommend Kris to represent you, He will represent you to his full ability. Never once did I question his ability or his procedures.” – Kevin

I recently hired Attorney Patria for a personal injury case. From our first meeting, Attorney Patria was professional and patient. Throughout the process, he maintained communication, and was quick to reply to any questions or concerns that I presented. He handled any issues that arose which definitely took the stress out of the process for me. I would highly recommend Attorney Patria.” – Christine

Attorney Patria was Awesome. I had been looking at losing my license for 5 years and help me prove my case, as a result I was found not guilty! I would definitely hire him again if I ever find myself in trouble again, I was very satisfied with all his help, thank you.” – Scott

OUI Case. Attorney Patria was great! He did a fantastic job winning my case. He kept me in the loop the entire time and was very easy to deal with. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone!” – Anonymous

“We were in court today, and he represented me very well. I’m so glad I had him with me great attorney very knowledgeable expert in court, confident cares about his clients, very professional, return my phone calls promptly, unrushed, reasonable, reassuring.” – Roger

“I have used Kris twice in the past 8 years for a DUI case. Same result each time. Not Guilty! Very professional and knows his way around the court room. Thank u again!” – Anonymous

“DUI Case. Great lawyer, very helpful, and caring. Prepared me for what was to come and explained everything before taking action. Also in doing so he was very realistic about the possible outcomes and tried his best to prove not guilty and it paid off!” – Anonymous

“I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me.” – Ted

“Thanks so much for your support and understanding.” – Matt

“I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of me. Thanks for your efforts and I truly appreciate it.” – Wanda

“We appreciate all your hard work. Thanks for coming through.”  – Jeff, Mom and Dad

“Thank you so very much for everything you did to help Trayvon out of this dilemma. We truly appreciate all your time and hard work.”  -Stephanie and Trayvon

“I don’t know how to express my thanks to you. Your help was greatly appreciated. You’re a great guy and a dying breed!” – Jeff

“Job well done & thank you for all that you have done for me legally and financially.” – Brian

“I want to express my appreciation for your advice and counsel. Once again, you were very gracious.” – Floyd

“Both Billy and I want you to know that words cannot express all of our thanks for standing by us and, of course, the dismissal.” – Sue & Billy


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