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Criminal Defense Attorney Waltham MA

Waltham District Court 10/5/16

Watertown police are dispatched to motor vehicle accident at 3:39 am on a Thanksgiving morning. Police observe client’s vehicle on its side and another parked vehicle with extensive front-end damage caused by being struck by client’s Jeep. Police detect strong odor of alcoholic beverage inside client’s Jeep and on her breath, along with very bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. Client admits to having drunk two glasses of wine. Client fails walk and turn test and blows a preliminary breath test of .179. During booking police find an empty whisky bottle and Amphetamines in client’s purse. Police observe client is still wearing an entry wristband from a local bar. Client admits to having been at the bar prior to the crash. Police observe client unsteady on her feet throughout booking.

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