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Gardner District Court 10/13/20
Westminster police are dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at 12:41 a.m. While enroute, dispatch advises responding police that the vehicle attempted to leave the scene unsuccessfully and the occupants are now hiding in nearby woods. On scene, police observe two males and a female down an embankment near the crash. Police order the parties to show their hands and come forward. The first interviewed states he was a front passenger, the second stated she was in the rear seat. The client is then questioned by police and admits to driving his car and that he “messed up”. Client’s eyes are bloodshot and glossy, has the odor of alcoholic beverages on his breath and is unsteady on his feet. Client further states that he had been drinking and decided to do some “burnouts” in his car, lost control and crashed. Clients states he just left a local bar and admits to having consumed a six pack. When asked when he had his last drink, client states “I’m probably incriminating myself, not long ago.” Police observe multiple “burnouts” in the roadway and skid marks leading to the crash into a group of trees. The impact to the vehicle was so severe that there was extensive vehicle debris throughout the sidewalk and onto the property. Client fails the HGN, walk and turn, one-legged stand and modified Romberg balance test. Client makes further admissions that are audio and video recorded inside the cruiser and during the booking procedure. Police obtain a bar receipt/tab from the client at booking that shows he paid for a significant number of alcoholic beverages just prior to the crash.


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