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Orange District Court 2/27/19
(This was the 4th time this office represented this particular client on a 3rd Offense O.U.I. resulting in 3 not guilty jury verdicts and 1 dismissal after a motion to suppress was allowed.)
On a Saturday evening, Orange police observe a pickup swerving, making sharp steering adjustments and crossing over the double solid yellow line into the opposite lane. The truck slows but fails to stop when signaled by police and continues until police sound a horn, eventually coming to an abrupt stop. Client fumbles with his wallet and has difficulty keeping it open. Police observe the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside client’s vehicle. Police observe client’s eyes to be red, glassy and bloodshot. Passenger states that they are coming from a local bar. Client admits to having “a few” drinks. Client’s speech is very slurred to the point it is difficult to understand. Client is unsteady on his feet after stepping out and makes short choppy steps in a staggering manor as he walks to the rear of his truck. Client has to be supported by police for fear he may fall. Client sways back and forth heavily and the odor of an alcoholic beverage intensifies as he speaks with police. Police find an open beer in the cab of the truck. Client is arrested and nearly falls getting into police cruiser. Upon arrival at station client trips when entering booking room, almost falling over before being caught by police.


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